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About Us
Our philosophy is simple: If you take care of your customer, they take care of you.
We have over 15 years experience in the auto detail industry. Our goal is to continue to accumulate happy customers who keep coming back and refer us to their friends.
There are 4 parts to a great detail job and they are as follows:
1. Product:
  • We use professional grade products. After testing different suppliers, we have found the best products from each one and use them to provide your vehicle with the best detail.  
2. Service
  • Before washing your car by hand, we spray it and remove dirt & debris that could cause scratches and swirl marks on your paint.
  • We hand wash your vehicle being gentle and using microfiber materials and professional grade products. Automatic car washes will scratch and damage your paint. Avoid them!
  • We hand dry your vehicle with a soft chamoise in a linear, non circular motion to avoid creating swirl marks.
  • Depending on your vehicle's paint condition we may polish it before wax is applied if needed.
  • Wax is applied by hand and paint is restored to like new condition!
  • On the interior of your vehicle, we always vaccumm first, then treat carpet for spots, then use our professional grade extractor to fully shampoo the interior of your vehicle.
  • On leather and vinyl surfaces we use the approprite chemicals to clean and condition the surfaces without leaving a greasy, sticky residue.
3. Customer Satisfaction:
  • Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed, and we try hard to ensure you, the customer, are satisfied at the time you leave our shop. We are committed to you our customer.
  • We are professionals and care about what we do and how we treat your vehicle.
  • Our detailers are not paid on commission so they are not under pressure to detail cars quickly.They take their time and do a good job.
  • Workmanship is second to none.
4. Pricing:
  • We believe in offering competitive pricing, our detail menu is simple yet comprehensive. We accept competitor's cupons.
In closing, we hope what we have outlined gives you, the customer, an idea of what our business is truly about and that we are committed to serve YOU to the best of our ability.
Thank you!
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